Saturday, July 14, 2012


A close girlfriend and I were on the phone today.

I had just dropped Duncan off at Jr Lifeguarding - and at noon, there was a potluck for all the "Jr Lifeguards" and the Lifeguards on the various beaches.  I was on my way to the store.  Today is National Beans and Franks days (in case you were wondering).  Our contribution was going to be "Pigs in a Blanket"

 Easy to make.  Easy to eat.  Easy to share.

Potlucks in various regions of the country have their specialties.  I was SO excited to see what other people were going to bring - the "local" customs.  At the same time, intimidated - don't want to bring something everyone else brings - and the "Martha Stewart" in me, well, wants to make it good. 

LOTS of sweets, of course.  My sons asked if there was watermelon.  The reply - there is mango. (and there was A LOT OF MANGO)

The local potluck staple?  I have to look up the name - but it looks like a rather large California Roll, but it's not  - seaweed paper, sticky rice, and spam.  Yes, I had the same thought.  Duncan had three of them.  I asked him what he thought of them.   "These are really good".  Tonight at dinner, I told him what they were.  Really??  Spam's not so bad....... 

Beef Stroganoff, lots of poke (pronounced po-kay") (one of our favorite local things).  And of course all your normal potluck stuff - the bucket of KFC; chips, salsa, not one humus tray in sight.  

Nice parents.  Nice lifeguards.  Nice place in life.

My girlfriend says to me, "You are going to a potluck?  You do realize you don't live there, don't you?"  Are we sure about that?

We have "dropped in" to this place - and become one.

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