Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Peaman - Part II

Update:  Couldn't leave you hanging.....

Lily and Nolan came in 4th  in the relay - OVERALL.  However, since this is an event where you can create your own categories......  If you did the RUN only, you could pick "whom" did your swim.  SO, they were beat (in respective order by)  Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman.  Technically, they placed FIRST.  (and only 6 seconds behind Batman and his running partner).  For runners only, they were supposed to start 15 minutes after the swimmers started.  Lily and Duncan came in 7th or 3rd overall if we don't count Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman.  Out of 103  (Just to clarify - if you wanted to run only - you were still put into the "split-pea" category (relay) - so you just had to put down a name for your "split-pea partner'.  (I would have put down Michael Phelps)

I "placed" 49th out of 69 people whom did the whole thing.  It took me an hour.  I looked up my tri times from the last few years, did about the same minus the bike time.  Plus a few a pounds and a new scar......

Al forgot to get his stick, and had to go back - he "placed" last out of all the people whom did the swim only - all 13 of them. 

This was all listed in the West Hawaii Today newspaper on Monday morning. 

We might need to take this show on the road

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