Tuesday, July 30, 2013


It's nice when things are near.  They are convenient.  Easy to get to.  Make life easy. 

I tend to exist within a four mile radius of my house.  Both houses, that is.  The stores I do shop in (I'm not a big shopper - most people whom are big shoppers, just by things they don't need), are close.  The restaurants I like are near.  My friends also live close.  Except of course for the ones whom live across the country and world.  Although with technology now, you don't realize friends live so far apart.

Speaking of friends, I would hate to also think my friends were only my friends because they were convenient to me.  Yes, there are local friendships - those people you know at the stores, or you have drinks with because you all live near each other.  But true friends, they know no matter where you live, you are friends.  I see Carolyn at least 3 times a year - she lives in Houston.  I would also hate to think that one of my friends whom live far away was so needy that they think we aren't really friends because we don't see each other but once a year.  I don't have friends like that.

The kids friendships from the summer will live on.  Now they have Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram - these kids are connected throughout the year.  Even if they don't get to see each other they know they will always be friends. 

Sometimes life isn't convenient.  Life can separate you from the ones you love.  But instead of just going with what's convenient, remember it's okay to drive/bike/fly out of your radius to be with whom you really love.

I'd hate to think I had missed out on the best restaurant in town, because it took a little extra effort.  I'd also hate to think I was hanging out with mediocre people in just "ok" places just because it was convenient.  I would have missed so much in life.

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