Monday, July 22, 2013


For the next TWO weeks, there is NOTHING on the schedule.  And by NOTHING, I mean NOTHING.  We don't have to be any where.  We don't have to do anything.  We are free to play.  Ahhhh.......

I wonder what this is going to be like?  I don't know how to be unscheduled.  Or not make a list.  Or not plan some activity or event. 

Life guarding is over.  The boys did not qualify to go to the state competition.  Both are a little bummed as it would have been a free trip to Maui.  But that also means they don't have to spend this week training. 

Paddling is still on the schedule, but that is voluntary, and I GET to paddle.  I don't HAVE to paddle. 

Yesterday we competed in a biathlon.  I swam and ran.  The boys both ran.  Lily swam.  Lily and I won t-shirts at the raffle.  No lamp this year. 

After the biathlon, I brought the kids back to the house.  An additional girl came too.  She lives here full time.  She's a bit of a challenging girl, but has actually matured a little bit.  She still is way too interested in babies and doesn't seem to think drugs are as bad as we all think they are, but there might be some hope for her yet.  She loved all the puzzle games the house holds.

We cooked pancakes on the Lanai (on a griddle), bacon and eggs too.  We later all cooked home-made macaroni and cheese.  (Not sure how much home-made cooking the girls actually get here on the island).  We worked on a puzzle.  The kids sat in the hot tub.  Then teenagers just hung out on the back Lanai, with music playing and silly conversations.  It was relaxing. 

We were going to go back to town around 1.  I think we finally made it into town around 4:30.  No one wanted to leave.  It was peaceful.  We were all happy. 

When we finally did leave the house, it took us at least 30 minutes to get moving and get in the car.  How nice.

So for the next two weeks - that is exactly how this house is living.  Puzzles, games, swimming, cooking, paddling and a couple of planned hikes. 


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