Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Monday in Paradise

There are seven days a week here in paradise.  Much like every place else in life. 

As a society, we all tend to view "Monday" well, as the start of "work".  I try to balance life and work.  Understanding, there are no distinct lines in my life.  My life blurs between work and play.  It seems to work for me.

But I do have "Mondays", sometimes they arrive on Wednesday.  Sometimes they arrive, well, on Monday. 

Why do people dread Monday?  Most people I know wouldn't want to spend all week doing what they do on the weekends?  Yard work. Shopping.  Riding their bike.

Okay, maybe I lie.  Maybe I do know a few people whom would like to do what they do on the weekends all week.  But we have to pay the bills.  So, Monday comes and people go work doing something they don't love or even like.

They do it for money.  Only money doesn't buy us happiness, it buys us freedom.  Then the habits form.  People work, because that is what they "need" to do.  What society tells us to do.  "Have a career".  "Make something of your life".  We've all followed that dream. 

Luckily, I've done both.  I had an incredible wonderful industrious career.  I had a start up that broke even.  I've been out on my own for many years now.  I just helped a start-up get up and running.

Today, though, was a Monday in July.  The time of year I always make changes.  July that is.  Not Mondays.

Although, I was here a year ago February - I had a Monday then too.  That February, I had a deal fall through, been chased by goats, the dog I was dog sitting got head butted and bit by the neighbor dog - ALL BY EIGHT AM HAWAII time.  Seriously.  If that isn't a Monday, I don't know what is.

Well, I had another Monday today.  It actually started on Sunday.  Seems my beautiful summer daughter gets in trouble for bringing us up.  For wanting to see us.  So, we all "were at the same beach yesterday".  Oh, yeah, we were all there today too.  I'm thinking I should put signs up saying "Warning:  There are boys and ex-girlfriends at this beach".

But, well, it's going to happen.  So, I'm not fighting it.  I'm just here to enjoy my summer.  At least the new old girlfriend seems to be on the summer daughter's side.  Her moves are a little transparent in the girl can see she's just trying to win her over.  But we will take what we can get at the moment.

This morning, the company I've been consulting with, my e-mail no longer would let me log in.  Seriously?  This is how we are going to break up????  I text the owner:  "Do we need to talk?".  "Yes" he replies, "did you get my e-mail".  "well, you shut down my e-mail, so no I didn't".  "Please re-send it to my personal e-mail".  Next text to him:  "I thought we were mates?"  'We are, we just need to figure out what's next". 

I haven't told him, but he knows.  I don't have a non-compete or a non-disclosure.  I'm not signing one either.  Wait, I will, it's just going to cost you.....

And by now, it's 8am.  I have to wake the boys up.

It's Monday afternoon on the mainland and you have one pissed off Mama.

"Hell hath no fiery like a woman scorned".

See Monday's exist even in paradise.  Don't mess with my kids or my money and we will be fine.  After all, I'm a woman from Texas.  We all have bad days, but trust me, you want us on your side. 

And as a mama, I have two teenagers in love.  And there are two moms whom are actually encouraging this situation.  Well, whom can blame us?  Doesn't someone get the Hollywood version of love?  Someone does.  Even on a Monday.

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