Friday, July 19, 2013

Things I never thought I would say

Here are some things I've said, out loud, that I never thought I would:

  • Would you like guacamole on that?  And by that, I mean anything as we have now run out of ideas of what to use avocado's for.  I did find a recipe for stuffed avocados - still have to try that.
  • What else can we do with bananas?   The bananas in the backyard are about to be ripe - and we will have approximately 1 week to consume 50 or so bananas.  I know, I know, we will freeze some, but seriously 50 plus bananas.
  • Did you get all the sand out of the hot tub?
  • I think there is something growing in my hair.  Seriously, I can't get a brush through this curly mop and if it's not growing, something might be living there.
  • I GET to wake up at 5:45am (it's sleeping in) and to start my day by paddling.  
  • Did anyone bring a dry towel?  
  • You have to pack the cooler, unload the dishwasher and shake the sand out of your bed, before going to bed.
  • Anyone know what happened to the "dry clothes" bag?  
AND probably the one that has shocked me the most:
  • Teenagers are pretty darn cute when they are in love.  Not sure I'll say the same thing next summer, but for now, I'm sticking with my statement.

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