Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fire pit

We have a fire pit in the front yard.  Yes, I know, most people have them in the back yard.  This yard is more of a wrap around lawn, so the fire pit is in the front yard.

It's a great fire pit.  There is a gas line, so you can get the fire going with propane, then shut off the propane and let the wood burn.  The best of both worlds.

Six chairs around the fire.

Tonight the teenage girls were over for hot dogs and s'mores.  My stomach hurts.  Roasted marshmallows are great, just make you feel a bit full later.

Some cute things about the fire pit:

  • It's much like a campfire
  • Stories are told
  • Food is dropped into the fire
  • Marshmallows are burned
  • Bugs still bite
  • Smoke gets in your face
  • It's a nice way to relax
  • The teenagers don't understand the irony of playing the song "Summer Nights" from Grease.  They still think it's just a song from Grease.
  • They totally forget that I'm actually the grown-up
And the cutest thing:
  • These teenagers are still kids - after all, "I dropped my wiener" makes them laugh until they cry - on the first time and on the 50th time.  

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