Friday, July 26, 2013


We ONLY have 12 days left. 

When did 12 days in Hawaii become ONLY?  We've all started to experience a bit of sadness.  ONLY, I think it's ridiculous that we have 12 incredible, wonderful FULL days left in paradise, and we are all starting to get a bit sad. 

Two years ago, the boys had 14 days here - TOTAL.  And now, basically, that same amount of time, is well, ONLY. 

I was going to ramble on here a bit.  Make some comparisons, give other examples.  But I can't.

I have to run.  I ONLY have 10 days left now.  I'll write more later.  In the short time I have left on this island, I have to go swim, paddle, breathe. 

I have to go be thankful I GET 10 more days.  Feel it in my whole body and soul.  If I could only truly hold on to this feeling I have for this place.  Then I would be ONLY too lucky.

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