Friday, July 12, 2013

You can't get there from here

You know when you have a moment you really want to capture?  Only there is no way to capture.  No picture would do it justice.  No word could describe it.  It's a just a moment you want to hold on to forever. 

I hope I can describe a moment I want to remember forever.  Really, it's two moments.  Each boy.  But it was the same reaction from each of them.

The night after I picked up Nolan from the airport - we had spent the day at the beach and we were headed home.  You can drive down the highway - which is really a two way road (sometimes there are three lanes, maybe four at one point, but not far.  Granny was surprised the roads were paved  (I digress)) home, then make a left turn, go up a windy road for about a mile and then there is the house.


You can take the back road.  You turn off the main road, on to the "road in front of the house" - only it's 6 miles from the house.  It's windy.  There are huge trees.  Hairpin turns.  Chickens crossing the road.  It's plush, it's green (it's paved) and it's beautiful.  If you look out between the trees through the passenger side window, you can see the sun and the ocean.  Our house is at about 1500 feet elevation, so you are also climbing as you are curving. 

There is this one point, about a half mile from the house and I look over at Nolan.  There was a smile from EAR TO EAR.  There are really no words.  A picture wouldn't have done it justice. The biggest smile ever.

A week later, I pick up Duncan.  Same sequence of events - airport, beach, back road home.  Another smile from EAR TO EAR.  I literally could feel him about to explode.  I seriously thought he was just going to burst right there in the car. 

You could feel the happiness.  The joy.  The excitement.

One day, I hope wherever they are, they can remember this moment and "get there".  

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