Saturday, July 20, 2013

How did we get here?

I've been here a month already.  From date to date - exactly a month.  From the calendar, I've been here for 4 weeks and two days. 

How the heck did that happen?  No wonder I woke up one day in Colorado and realized I've been living there 21 years.  I woke up today, and it's been three summers in Kona. 

I asked the boys if they were ready to go back.  This time last year, this was our last full day.  The lifeguard competition was today, and we left the next night. 

The first summer was filled with adventure and wonder.  What will happen?  There is so much we want to do.

The second summer was filled with a routine and bit of unwanted drama. But still the adventure of what will happen and what can we do.

This summer?  We've settled into our life here on the island.  We have routines.  Habits.  Friends.  We are doing things we have done before.  But also new things. 

Why is it in our own town, we stop exploring the new things?  I KNOW I haven't done everything there is to do in Colorado, much less Denver.  Our town becomes HERE, rather than THERE.  We feel we must go THERE, to try something new. When there are plenty of adventures to be had in our own backyard. 

Well, we are now HERE doing old things.  Still trying new things.  Not sure when THERE became HERE.

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