Monday, July 8, 2013

Repeat Business

The try-outs for Jr Lifeguards were a little different this year.  There was actually a limit on how many could get in the class.  They don't have as many instructors.

We go there early.  There was still quite a line. Turns out - the city (I think the city, it could be county) didn't allot enough money for the extra instructors, so they are short on instructors.  They limited the class to 25 kids - they signed up 30 (knowing some will drop off), and have 5 "Jr Lifeguard Leaders".  "Jr Lifeguard Leaders" - those whom have done the class before.

First thing - this class is TWENTY DOLLARS.  AND, they get a t-shirt at the end of the two weeks.  That being said - PLEASE, charge me $100 or even $50.  Then you could pay an extra lifeguard to teach this PRICELESS class.  I can guarantee you, I've never told anyone to charge me more for ANYTHING.  I'm telling you now.

They test a bunch of kids.  About 12 didn't make the first session.  We are about 2 kids from the table when they told us all the class was full.  Very sad, as we had two extra girls ready for the class too.

I had spoken to one of the instructors, and noticed an instructor from last year - Uncle Hoku.  I said "My son, Duncan was in the class last year, he wants to be one of your "leaders" this year."  Uncle Hoku, looks over at the other guard, and says "That's Duncan's mom - he can be one of our leaders".  And well, since he has a little brother, we will put him in the class too"  He looks at Lily and asks if this is his Little Sister, and as much as I wanted to say yes, I shook my head.  (I'm not sure why her dad is so grumpy, he's supposed to be happy - don't relationships make you happy???)

We are going to call her in the morning if there is an extra spot. 

So, we can write the mayor of Kona and tell them our opinion of this great program.  I know we are lucky.

The lifeguard didn't have extra paperwork, so we will fill it out in the morning.  He asked if I still minded paying.  Are you kidding?  No, I have NO problem paying.  I have no problem paying for them or a problem bringing the instructors lunch for the next two weeks!  What is it that you want me to pay????

I've wondered for years if it's best to go to the same place or try new places?  I'm beginning to think you try new places, then keep going there again and again and again......

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