Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 1 - Take Two

Not sure what really happens when I have others "energy" to bounce off of. WHAM! That's what happens.

Boys are due to arrive yesterday at 2:45. I'm picking up my new friend Al - I'm going to wear the hula skirt and he's going to take pictures. In Hawaii, I should really know better than to think something is going to be THAT simple.

Lily, Al's daughter, wants to go with us. We will then meet Barney, his girlfriend, her kids at Kua bay, just North of the airport. Perfect.

Lily is a good sport - and she wears the grass skirt and coconuts. I wear the Hawaiian wrap. I had picked the fresh pineapple from the garden, cored them. They are in the car.

We are in the cell phone parking lot. We see their plane land. Lily and I walk to the pick up area, with fresh lei's, and fresh pineapple drinks. The boys aren't going to know what happened.

Their look was cute. What the heck? Hope the picture really shows it.

From there, we are headed to the beach. But first, let's stop and take a picture of a goat. Then let's stop and climb down a lava tube. Quite amazing....

THEN, we make it to the beach. Ride some waves. The biggest waves ever and play on the beach until sunset.

Can we stop then??? One clan goes home, my car is loaded with Al, Lily, Duncan, Nolan and Katy. Back to our hale.

Spagetthi for all and hot tub for the kids. Then I go drop Al, Lily and Katy at their hale and the boys unpack. WOW!

Can you say one busy day??????

The boys asked already if we have to leave.......

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