Monday, July 4, 2011

Life Swap July 2011

I'm swapping lives this summer. Not really. Just houses, cars and cats. Other than that, things are staying the same.

Denver - that's where I live. An incredible city in an incredible state. LOVE IT. In fact, I moved to Colorado 19 years ago this weekend. I left Houston for Austin, picked up my mom and we drove to Colorado and arrived July 4. 19 years, a marriage, two kids and a divorce later, well I love Denver and Colorado. EVERYTHING about it.

But for this month, I'm an a "exchange student" in Kona, Hawaii. No, I'm not enrolled in school - I'm living here. Exchanging lives.

Your house for my house. My car for your car. My cat for your cats. Are you kidding me??? I still can't believe I did it. Holy cow. I'm going to Hawaii for A MONTH. I'm going to a place I've never been and I don't know a soul.

As for the couple going to my house. Lovely, lovely people. Their daughter is getting married the first weekend in August and they wanted to be there a month before the wedding.

I live 10 blocks from the daughter. Really? It's a big world out there. And I live 10 blocks??


A "Craigslist" dream come true. The movie "The Holiday" come to life. This doesn't really happen.

Well, as I sit on the Lanai, having a Mai Tai watching the sunset into the ocean.

Yes, dreams do come true......

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