Thursday, July 28, 2011

I want to go home

I boarded a plane with my sons this morning - on a stand -by flight. To place I've never been before, but a place I needed to go. NO purse, no suitcase - only those things that fit in your pocket.

Pearl Harbor does not allow you to take any bags in - no purses, no camera bags, etc. HOWEVER, DON"T believe what the tour companies tell you. It's $2.50 for adult and $1.25 for kids and it takes 20 minutes from the HON airport to USS ARIZONA memorial by city bus. Also, the cab ride back to the airport is, $11.50. Needless to say, you can do it MUCH cheaper on your own. We are on a city bus, without a map in a city I've never been too. BTW, it's the fourth or fifth stop from the airport.

Is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY. If you have read the book "UNBROKEN" well you understand. If you haven't, read it. And go. The tour, the film, the boat ride to the memorial - ever single moment of it is worth it.

Thank you to all the men and women who have died protecting the things I take for granted. Thank you. There are no words to fill in this space. Just, thank you. For protecting my Papo, and letting me live an incredible life with a grandfather. Bless those who can't say the same. There truly are no words.

We leave the memorial, we take a cab to the airport and believe it or not, next thing I know we are having dinner with some friends from Denver whom are visiting the island. (in Kona).

We are in Honolulu and all we could think (and the boys confirmed this), was "get us to OUR island". Quick......

Touch down in Kona, so nice to be home - the hale is a short way.....

Years ago, I read a book named "The Secret Life of Bees". There is a line ( and I'm sure if I re-read the line, it wouldn't impact me the way it did then) and the line reads "Did you ever have to go somewhere to go home?" And truly, for the last 15 years, that place has been Vail, CO. Yes, I have lived in Colorado longer, but EVERY time I hit the valley, well, I know I'm home. Until now.

I've been all over the world. And TODAY, I have been home. Home to where my Papo did his part, home with friends whom I didn't know were going to be on the island. Home with my boys to the "Hale". And finally, home.

There are times when home has nothing to do with the people or the place - it's the moment. Welcome home......

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