Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wet Wednesday

Hilo, HI - East side of the island. It RAINS in Hilo. Wet, torrential down-pours - and this is normal. Hilo is very lush and green. We went to Hilo after visiting the volcano - the volcano is another story.

On to Hilo, there are 9 of us and we stay in a Seaside Hotel. Open air, window slats and window ac units. And I have to say, I love my boys. (I've said that before!). We have stayed in some really nice hotels in their life. And this one, well, location, location, location. AND it's the only hotel in Hilo still locally owned. Duncan proclaims, "This hotel is GREAT". A look at him like I was seeing him for the first time. What an incredible thought. You have a charmed little life, and you STILL like a hotel like this. Don't blame him.

Our new friends, have a "Hawaiian Family" - "Ohana" (meaning family in Hawaiian). Every Wednesday this group has a "Wet Wednesday" gathering. Uncle Norman, Aunt Bertie (traveled together singing across the US)

more later

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