Tuesday, July 5, 2011

They might finally owe me

Duncan and Nolan are incredible kids. With incredible lives. Everything I do, I enjoy doing and think of how they will enjoy this too. Or how they won't enjoy it, but "this is for their good" Right. Of course, they are now ages where we really enjoy doing the same things. Only I'm in charge. :-) And NEVER, do I feel they "OWE" me anything. I provide for them the experiences I want for them, I think they will enjoy or could learn from, or a multitude of other reasons, but it's my choice. And they don't "owe" me a thing.

And the things I do for them. Well, I want to do these things. Selfishly, I enjoy doing a variety of activities and events. And it's even better when you are doing something you enjoy with people whom also enjoy it. Built in activity buddies. And I get we don't all enjoy doing the same thing (THAT would be boring).

Today, however, I might have reached a personal limit on selflessness - I went to a timeshare presentation.

You may receive a HUGE discount on activities by sitting for an hour and half and listening..... It's a good deal - An hour and a half of my time for half off the Luau we will attend the last week and other activities while we are here. (I figured I averaged $100 an hour for today - if not more). Overall - as far a purchasing the timeshare, it could have been a really good deal. And in fact, the sales person ALMOST had me - if she, well had been a he, first all. Then she said, well some people, since you are in KONA, and this would be YOUR "home" property", buy the timeshares and sell the week in October to the athletes coming over for Ironman Kona. For one flicker of an instant, she could have had me - if only she had known that THAT actually made sense to me.

Other than THAT, sitting through this presentation, is the ONE thing that I hope my kids will appreciate. HOWEVER, I have a feeling they won't understand why I didn't buy a vacation week.....

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