Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I forgot my clothes - or More tales of living like a teenager

What? You can't go to eat because "You don't have any clothes". That's right. When you hang with the locals - you just go - in your swimsuit cover-up. However, I loved saying "I forgot my clothes"

Now carrying a beach bag, every time I leave the house. (sounds kinda responsible) - It includes: Swimsuit, underwater camera, snorkel gear, sunscreen and a change of clothes. One never knows

Speaking of, at the house, you really don't have to wear a lot of clothes. I've had dinner several times now in my towel wrap, on the front lanai (porch). The cats don't seems to mind.

And my favorite question from those "state-side": Have you met anyone? I'm in my towel on the lanai, when I'm not running 90 miles an hour trying to see everything. OFF/ON. The answer is no. Unless, you count Joe and Trixie, oh, and Erin and her boyfriend and the couple on the Sunset Cruise, the surf instructor....

I did grill out tonight. I wonder: do the chickens know I'm grilling game hens?

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