Friday, July 29, 2011

Manta Ray Snorkel

Ever been on a sailboat, in the middle of the ocean, at night? If not, you should.

Then you have to take it one step further - you get off that sailboat, into a wetsuit, into the water and hang on to a surf board, with PVC pipe around it, and lights attached to the bottom (personally, it sounds kind of Redneck to me) - Did I mention it's DARK outside?

You float along - superman style. Just hanging out. In our group, there were only 8 of us and a "leader" - we all had blue glo-stick lights attached to our snorkels. There were lots of groups out there.

Duncan jumps of the boat first, and right there, just below the boat is a Manta Ray. Manta Ray's part of the Shark family, like a sting-ray, just harmless. Unless, well you get "knocked". :-) Imagine a VW bug, running into you going 3 miles an hour. You won't get hurt, but you still don't want it to happen.

There are scuba divers on the bottom of the ocean floor. Snorkelers on top. Beautiful.

They float, they flip and their white bellies shine against the light. The reflection is so bright, you think a spotlight has gone on.

Then you don't see any, but you look around and you are in the middle of a aquarium. You are literally in the middle of all these fish.

We are on way back to the Catamaran and everyone is loading up. Duncan looks down and there are TWO of them just under us. Doing flips. The boys didn't want to get out.

You take off your flippers, hand them up, then climb up the ladder. I'm still not sure if it was Duncan or the Manta Ray who brushed my leg.


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