Tuesday, July 12, 2011

To be awake when the world is asleep

The rest of the world is fast asleep. Hawaii - everything closes at 10 - most people here are from other countries. It's either very late or very early. Which way did you fly?

Coffee region of Kona. Not sure what that really means, other than there is some vegetation here. Oh, yea, and wildlife. Turkey's, chicken - Sandy and her babies (Ed and Rich - you will continue to haunt me). It's almost 10. Can I PLEASE go to sleep????

I don't drink coffee. There are six coffee trees in my back yard. And TONS of coffee tress down the road. AND, I don't drink coffee. Is there carbonated coffee? I don't really need all the chemicals. And in fact, my boys will pick coffee starting on Sunday. We will have a Kona Kreation - Karbonated Koffee....... Sign me up. Karbonated water and the coffee beans being picked in the morning.

Please, please - I'm trying to adjust with a leg on both sides of the fence. AH HA. Climb off that fence and skip (when did you "skip" last") to the other side......

Sandy's boyfriend (the rooster) sorry, to say, well, he's having a funeral soon.

On the East Coast of America it's almost time to wake up. I have a conference call at 3:45 (EDT). I will go to sleep soon.....

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