Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What I thought/What really happened - SO FAR

Hawaii for a month! I'm going to take surfing lessons - at least every other day, I'm going to snorkel, ride my bike, run, kayak. Ah, maybe I should make this a "spiritual journey" - Yoga classes, reading books, attend a native Hawaiian religious service. Learn to make lei's - I even know where I can go for free classes - PLUS, BONUS, learn to basket weave! :-)

I know - I'll get up at four every morning, work until 8 or 9, go play, nap, and play some more.....

Well, yes and no. As Joellen says, "If you ride the teacup ride for too long, you WILL get sick".

Okay - REGROUP.. My whole life is scheduled. NO SCHEDULES. I did read, I did kayak, snorkel - That worked for about 4 days. Then I hit overdrive (DAMN - I REALLY need a middle speed). And all HELL BROKE loose.

Sunset Cruise, Surf Lessons, Hike to a waterfall on the other side of the island. (drove to other side of island, then hiked down). Volcano hike, Macadamia nut factory (MUST HAVE MACADAMIA NUT MARTINI AT HUGGO's - put it on your bucket list!), try to kidnap a goat. (Know anyone who will deliver a goat???) I REALLY think Joe needs a goat. AND - I have a black eye. As active as I am, I'm really not a "black-eye" type of girl. I like my nails polished, my hair "done" and my eyes - well, really they are one of my better features. Mother Nature, can you now please leave my eyes alone????

STOP - REGROUP. Let's figure out how to live through the next three weeks of this adventure......

#1 - Would have LOVED to take a bike ride with the local triathletes who live here. NOT on this side of the island. There is just no room.

Years ago, a woman in Denver taught me Pilates. The story she told me was about her dad, and I remember very clearly - His dream was to ride the "big island" on his bike. He was hit by a car, living his dream. And as much as I love the fact he was doing what he wanted to do and died doing it (okay, I don't mean I like that he dies), I couldn't think of a more complete story. HOWEVER, I DON'T want that to be me.

Neighbor Joe has loaned me his bike for my duration (he's now gone for 10 days - more stories there). Not riding on the road - they are just WAAAAAYYYYY to narrow. Will stay off road- can still bike ride. Just not where I thought I would. IN OTHER WORDS, biking the island is NOT going to happen.

#2 - Surfing lessons - don't think I need to explain this one. Although, I am going back on the board.

#3 - I did read a book. AND, I've started another. AND, that darn book "Catcher in the Rye" has been in my nightstand for ten years. I'm finishing THAT book on this trip. Of course, I should start over and I already started another book, and tomorrow, I wanted to ....... but a girl has to have dreams......

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