Friday, July 15, 2011

Driving a Go-Kart

Mazda Miata 1999 - I owned the 1994 version (maybe - I could be wrong on the year). I'm living in Hawaii and driving a convertible.

You can take the hwy 11 to the house, and make a 180 at the 180, but me, if I leave from Kona Bay, I can take the earlier portion of the 180.

It feels like playing a video game. One of those games I was never very good at. Speed Racer. Up the hill, down the hill, around the curve. Go Speed Racer Go. The funny thing is: it's a blast!!! I totally get the rush!

And really, it's like driving a go-kart. I'm in a video game, driving a go-kart. LOVE, LOVE the go-kart.

Sunday, it goes parked in the garage. The three of us won't be able to fit. Of course, there will be occasional runs to the store with only one boy. Can guarantee, if I have to go the store, one will go with, just to ride in the convertible.

Mahalo to the Gods for allowing me the chance to see the other side. And for this opportunity......

Truly, I'm over the go-kart. In real life, it would get annoying. Maybe. Maybe, just one more day......Then, really, I won't want the messy hair, the wind-blown look. Just maybe......

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