Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pearl Harbor

You are SO close, you might as well go.....

We are on Hawai'i. The BIG Island. There are no ferries. There is a plane ride. I am going to go before the boys get here. I guess island fever struck - still not sure what is happening to the time. We have less than a week left. Our new friends had to head to the mainland. "You will be ready to leave" - Yeah, keep trying to convince me.

Tomorrow, it's my dad's 65th birthday. And my grandfather (PAPO) is having a stint placed in his heart for a blocked artery.

I was going to blow off going to Pearl Harbor. It will cost us $600 - at LEAST - airfare, food, bus fare, etc......

Living history. My sons great-grandfather served on a ship outside of Oahu. This is not only a part of his life, but ours. We have to go.

We are not going. Other things to do..... Surf lessons, manta ray dives, snorkeling...... Sounds pretty selfish to me.....

We are booked on the 2 o'clock flight - you can fly stand-by for free. We are going at 10 am.

My Papo means the whole world to me. I want him to know, going into surgery, I'm taking his great-grandsons to show them where their Papo was stationed.

A hui ho (until next time)

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