Monday, July 18, 2011


We all forget the first time we ever see something or do something. It's amazing, we just take it for granted.

Today, while on the way to the Post Office and on to the beach, there was a hitchhiker. I asked the boys if we should "pick him up". They said "no". Then Nolan said 'WOW, I've never seen a hitchhiker." Really? I completely forgot of course he probably hasn't seen one.

Lot's of firsts for this trip: The boys had never been on a plane by themselves for this long of a flight. Seen a see turtle in the ocean, while snorkeling. I asked Duncan if he had ever seen one before. His answer: At the zoo. One of those things I have taken for granted.

We went snorkeling with our new friends in the bay where I rode my first wave and earned my first black eye.


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