Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Yesterday afternoon I received a text from the people whom are living in my house. "Is everything ok? I had a missed call from the Kona Fire Department"

We are on a hike in Waipio Valley. This message I receive on our way back in. Of course, there is no cell service where we have been. Who knows when the message could have arrived.

I guess that would be a little unnerving - You are living 2,300 miles away and you get a call from the fire dept. Yes, a little unnerving.

Let them know, as far as I knew, everything was fine. "We are on our way back from a hike, will let you know when we get there."

"Hale" safe. (hale word for home) Text saying all is good. And then they replied "Guess it was a "false alarm" I like these people.

Today, I receive a call.

Wait, I can't remember why they called. Oh yeah, a neighbor has too many bananas and avocados, they are about to go bad - will you walk down the street and pick them up? Well, we are a long way from there, but I will call the people staying in my house. Leasa, will you go get the banana's and avocado's??? Are you kidding? Really, I didn't think there was such a thing.

Two doors down - we are not quite country living, but two doors down is well, not next door. :-)

And then I say: "How are you? How is everything?" He says: 'PERFECT'. 'We love it here, everything is PERFECT'. How can than be???? It's PERFECT out here!!!!

He then says "This worked out well". REALLY????? You are kidding me??? You are as in love with Denver as we are with Hawaii??????

No way.

I literally heard, "It's Perfect"

There are times in life when, well, it works out, well, perfect.

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