Monday, July 11, 2011

First Ocean Water Rescue

Not having a computer for a few days, put me several good stories behind!

Thursday - July 7th. Neighbor Joe, not only loans me his truck, but his kayak too. One of the other neighbor girls isn't working today, so we are going to kayak. Kileau Bay?? Need to check the spelling on the place - it's near the Painted Church (another whole story there).

Thinking I really owe Joe a nice thank you. There are goats for sale on the way to kayak. Wonder if Joe needs a goat????

Drive down in this truck with a kayak strapped to the top. I'm feeling pretty good about myself. You turn off, follow the road until you are just South of Captain Cook Statue.

There are locals there to help you with the kayak - give them a tip - they help you load/unload. AWESOME!!

Loaded up, we are in the boat. We are paddling. Trixie asks "do these things flip" Only if you are docking where you aren't supposed to be landing (Thank you Ed Quinn for THAT experience). We are paddling, we are flipping. We keep trying to get back in the kayak - we keep sinking and flipping. I think there is a hole in the boat. Trixie - there are SUPPOSED to be holes in the boat. I don't think THESE holes are supposed to be in the boat.

Something is wrong here. Two Hawaiian men then swim out (Rufus and ???) and paddle us back in.

We rent a kayak, paddle to Captain Cook and snorkel. All is well that ends well.

I was thinking I owed Joe something. I think we are even. AND, I think he needs a goat.

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