Tuesday, July 5, 2011

You get what you need

Not everyone could/can house swap. In fact, most people (80% would be my guess) would say,creepy - they are living in your house. Quite honestly, not quite sure how I felt about the thought. Ever seen "The Holiday".-

Yes, I'm the girl. The one who took the risk. Gave it all up for something better. Better or different. The 23 year old girl would tell you better. The 42 year old girl - different.

How much do you really use in your house? How many drawers do you have filled with stuff you haven't touched in years. And really, this is what people have said with a house swap. "I don't want people touching my stuff". KEY WORD - Stuff. It's just that. STUFF. Territorial stuff. Yeah, that's it.

If there was a fire in your house and you had some time - what would you save. Ok, never had that issue, but if I were to guess... You could probably fit everything you really could save into a room - well, a box full of stuff. Pictures? And really, now I would just take my sons and run. The cat, the boys would think that would be important. Me - pictures. And really, as long as the boys are out - and me too (I'm bonus). You've got everything you need.

Someone is staying in my house this summer. SO???? I hope they are comfy with the AC on, Ozzie the cat is not bothering them too much. And REALLY, I hope they feel my home is their home.

And YOU, the one who can't do it. Don't apologize - it's not you. And in fact, it might not be my sons. What I'm doing - well, that's me. And boy are there times, I wish it was you.... Don't you?

And me - well, - what's the line? "I'm living on the air in ....."

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