Monday, July 11, 2011

My OFF button is broke

I have always run on one speed - FAST - 90 miles an hour fast. I have an ON switch and an OFF switch. Can't really do anything at an easy pace.

Not sure what happened, but from last Wednesday until last night - no make that today around 11am Hawaii time - I was in overdrive and not quite sure why. Not that today was much slower, I did go Deep Sea Fishing (only caught two "Bonita fish") and then I tried to YELL "STOP" - not sure whom I was yelling at, just yelling.

I need a MASSAGE right this second.... So, I went and got one. She might have reattached the "OFF" button. Or maybe at least a SLOW DOWN FOR A LITTLE WHILE switch.

My life runs at 90 miles an hour in the real world. I'm supposed to be relaxing, playing and working all the same. Granted, I haven't had to cook dinner in over a week.

The massage therapist was funny. You know "we do have relaxing things here to do on the island". Really? I know there is Yoga class.

I'm blaming it on my sleep cycle - or lack there of. Mornings are early, to get work done on the East Coast. (i.e. at 4am Hawaii time it's already 10am on the East Coast). Then it's play time, then and then and then....... When do I flip the off switch on???

Maybe tonight?

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