Friday, July 15, 2011

You CAN do it.

"I could never do that"

We have all uttered it. We have all believed it. And I don't normally say this, but "YOU ARE WRONG"

We have two choices in life. Option #1: Okay, I'll go Option #2: I won't. Let's not confuse this with what is wrong and what is right. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE. The real difference is: WILL I DO IT or WILL I NOT. CHOICES.

Will I go kill someone. NO. Will I risk everything for an opportunity. YES. Big thing for me: Worst case scenario: I trade houses with someone and they destroy my house. REALLY, this is the WORST thing that could happen?? My cat could run away. SO, if that is the worst it can get, how good can it get???

10 years ago, I was getting divorced and buying a business and in love with a boy whom was the wrong boy to love. What is the WORST thing that could happen? WORST THING? And literally, all I could think was: I would have to file bankruptcy. That's it? the WORST thing that could happen to you is something Donald Trump does on a weekly basis??? And the night before I closed on the business - well, I couldn't sleep (imagine that). And I figured out, the WORST thing would be: to stay in a marriage to a guy whom I didn't love and a job I didn't like. THAT would worse than anything someone could have told me.

I still love the father of my children. Why wouldn't I? He's a great guy. He believed the other option was true. All my children get is both.....

People tell me, "I could never do that." You are right.

Then you won't.

I could have sat "home and ..... blah, blah, blah.....

What I really want to say:

" You CAN do it, or NOT."

Whatever you do, please make peace with it.

There are TONS of couples here in Hawaii - honeymoon, anniversary..... ALTHOUGH, not all happy people. Maybe happy for them.

If you want five kids, and to live in the suburbs. I'm happy for you. As long at you are happy for you.
As long at you are happy for you.

If you want to live in the city, never marry, and have career. you the idea

If you want to get married, and have babies and live the life you "dreamed" - go do it. I'm happy for you.

And MAYBE just MAYBE, you didn't want anything that/who has to do with where you are in life. You just turned up -
"this isn't how I planned????" Talk to the widow or widower who didn't plan it either.

Looking around, there are not happy people. I get it. Relationships are hard work.

HOWEVER, what if you want doesn't come true. There are other options.

Life can turn out completely different than how you thought it would - and it can still be great.

After all, you are speaking to a girl who is living in Hawaii until Aug 2. Wait, maybe they can change our flights....

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